Investing with Impact Equity means exclusive investment opportunities

Investing With Impact Equity

Who We Are

We offer passive investors exclusive opportunities to invest confidently. Partnering with skilled professionals, we specialize in expert acquisition, asset management, and property management across diverse asset classes such as apartments and short-term rentals. We focus on delivering substantial returns and a seamless investment experience for our valued clients. Join us in building your wealth effortlessly and securely.

The Impact Equity Team

Randy Smith, founder of Impact Equity

Randy Smith


Randy Smith is the Founder of Impact Equity which was formed to help investors achieve strong results in their passive real estate investing strategies. Randy and Impact Equity have helped more than 100+ investors place over $7.3MM+ across three operators and 15 different opportunities since launching in June of 2022.

Randy started his real estate investing career doing out of state, single-family, long term rentals, and he quickly realized the many additional benefits he could receive by switching his strategy to passively investing in multifamily syndications. Randy has now invested in 25 different passive investments with 11 different operators which gives him the unique knowledge and expertise to recognize a strong passive opportunity.

Randy currently resides in Peoria, Arizona with his wife Jenny, and he spent 25 years working in various business development and leadership roles in Corporate America.

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