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What We Do At Impact Equity

Impact Equity investment opportunities in real estate

The Impact Equity Mission

We provide investment opportunities for the passive investor that provide expert level acquisition, asset management, property management and returns from trusted professional operators of various different asset classes like apartments and short term rentals.

Our goal is to help 1000 traditional investors with their first or next passive investment to help them decrease their dependance on their W-2 income and the stock market roller coaster.

How Syndication Works

How syndication works with real estate investing

We source only the best syndicators/operators in each asset class that we work with. Our due diligence provides you with the confidence to know that you are dealing with only the most proficient experts in each asset class.

Raise capital for real estate investment opportunities
Syndicators/operators raise capital from individual investors to cover the purchase costs/down payments and all renovation costs of the specific property.
Business plan for making real estate investment opportunities more valuable

Once the property is purchased, the syndicators/operators complete their business plan which usually includes improving the overall profitability of the property through improvements in operations or improvements in the building itself.

Some examples of this include adding new facilities like gyms and pet centers for apartments, adding new signage to drive more renters to the apartment, and fixing up both the insides and outsides of the units. Now that the units have been upgraded, the syndicator/operator can increase rents which drives an overall increase in profitability.

Real estate investors share in value of real estate assets
A combination of the raised rents with the improvements in the operations creates additional profits which drives up the value of the property. The syndicator/operator then has the ability to either sell the property at a significant gain or refinance the property to pull out a portion or all of the investors’ original investment. Regardless of the exit plan, the investors share in the value and gains that were generated through the business plan.

Why You Should Consider Impact Equity Investment Opportunities

Benefit from our due-diligence mastery.

Preferred terms with offerings due to size of investment.

Awareness and access to deals across multiple operators, in multiple geographies, in various asset classes.

Additional time to invest versus the 4-6 hour fully subscribed windows which often occur with larger operators.

Non-accredited opportunities which are often unavailable to first-time investors with larger operators.

Access our network of partners including SEC attorneys, CPAs, cost segregation experts, self-directed IRA custodians, and more.

Access our expertise and market insights acquired through consistent podcast consumption, staying up-to-date with newly published books, active participation in national conferences, and extensive networking with industry leaders.

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