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Impact Equity’s Founder, Randy Smith, is a recognized leader in the passive investing space.  He’s regularly featured in the media on other leading podcasts as well as asked to speak on various topics in the industry.  Check out some of his recent events below:

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Phoenix Prosperity Podcast with Tim Fergestad

5/29/24 -Investments to the Rescue with Randy Smith

Join Tim Fergestad on this episode of the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast as he sits down with Randy Smith, a former high-flying corporate sales leader who’s now making waves in the real estate investment world. Discover how Randy transitioned from a secure job to tackling the unpredictable yet rewarding realm of alternative investments. They dive into the strategies that helped Randy navigate risks and capitalize on opportunities to build a resilient financial future. In this episode, you’ll get an insider’s view of: -The pivotal moments that shaped Randy’s investment journey. -The balance between risk and conservatism in building an investment portfolio. -How setbacks can lead to unexpected opportunities in life and business.


Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

The Hybrid Real Estate Professional Podcast

5/20/24 –From 25 Years in Corporate to Mastering Passive Real Estate Investing

In this episode of the Hybrid Real Estate Professional Podcast, I sit down with Randy Smith, founder of Impact Equity, join me.

Randy’s impressive journey from working in corporate America for 20+ years to helping over 100 investors place $7.3 million into passive real estate opportunities is truly inspiring.

We discuss his transition from single-family rentals to multifamily syndications and the valuable lessons he’s learned along the way.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Clive Capital Webinar Series

4/25/24 – Capital Raising Structures – Everything Passive Investors need to Know

Ever wondered how successful investors navigate the intricate world of capital raising structures? Randy Smith is the Founder of Impact Equity which was formed to help investors achieve strong results in their passive real estate investing strategies. Randy and Impact Equity have helped more than 100+ investors place over $7.3MM+ across three operators and 15 different opportunities since launching in June of 2022. He started his real estate investing career doing out of state, single-family, long term rentals, and he quickly realized the many additional benefits he could receive by switching his strategy to passively investing in multifamily syndications. He has now invested in 25 different passive investments with 11 different operators which gives him the unique knowledge and expertise to recognize a strong passive opportunity. Randy currently resides in Peoria, Arizona with his wife Jenny, and he spent 25 years working in various business development and leadership roles in Corporat

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Go Big with Gib

5/28/24 – Turning Job Loss into Financial Freedom: Journey from Corporate Sales to Real Estate Success

Ever wondered how to transform job loss into an opportunity for financial freedom? Today on Go Big with Gibb, we promise you’ll uncover the secrets from Randy Smith’s incredible journey. From a 25-year career in corporate sales to becoming a thriving entrepreneur and founder of Impact Equity, Randy shares how job layoffs became the catalyst for his successful pivot into real estate investing. His story is a beacon of hope and strategy, shedding light on the decisions that led him to reduce his reliance on W-2 income and ultimately establish his own business in June 2022.

In this episode, Randy dives into the intricacies of passive investing and the art of diversification. Learn from his early missteps, like writing too big of checks, and discover how he refined his process of selecting operators to manage capital effectively. With investments in 25 passive ventures across 11 different operators, Randy’s experience underscores the importance of spreading investments across various asset classes and geographies to build a robust portfolio. Hear firsthand how Randy’s meticulous approach in evaluating deals and operators has helped over 100 investors place millions of dollars into various successful projects.

Lastly, we explore the innovative real estate ventures that Randy’s Impact Equity is pioneering, including the acquisition of the Portofino Club in Jacksonville, Florida, and a unique short-term rental fund. These ventures not only promise impressive returns but also offer investors added benefits like discounted stays. Randy’s insights into return metrics and blending growth with cash flow investments are invaluable for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio smartly. Join us for a riveting conversation filled with actionable insights, strategic lessons, and inspiring stories from a real estate investment veteran.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Surgeon Syndicate with Michael McManus

5/6/24 and 5/8/24 -OUT with Your W-2 and IN with Passive Investing

In this two-part episode, we sit down with Randy Smith to explore the ins and outs of passive real estate investing. With a wealth of experience in both corporate America and real estate investing, he shares his journey from single-family rentals to multifamily syndications and beyond. Binge-listen and navigate the current real estate market, understand the importance of vetting operators, and make informed investment decisions!

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

The Fully Funded Show with Sam Silverman

2/27/24 – From Sales to Success:  Randy Smith’s Path to Impactful Investing

Dive into a world where real estate meets ambition with Randy Smith, a guru in investment and capital raising. This episode is a goldmine of strategies, networking tips, and real-life insights that will elevate your investing game. Randy’s journey from sales to real estate success is not just inspiring; it’s a roadmap for anyone looking to thrive in the investment landscape. Don’t miss out on this power-packed session that’s sure to change the way you view real estate investment. Tune in now for a transformational experience!

Key Points From The Episode:
1. Randy Smith’s journey from a sales background to becoming a successful real estate investor, highlighting the transferable skills that facilitated his transition.
2. The importance of networking and relationship-building in capital raising and real estate investment, showcasing how Randy leveraged these to his advantage.
3. Strategies for effective capital allocation in real estate investments, including diversification and risk management techniques Randy employed.
4. The impact of adopting a proactive approach to learning and adapting within the real estate market, which Randy emphasizes as crucial for sustained success.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

The Investing RN Podcast with Hosts Joshua Condado and Colin Davis

2/15/24 – Secrets to Real Estate Success 

In this episode of the Investing RN Podcast, our special guest, Randy Smith, dives deep into the world of real estate investments, highlighting the importance of passive investment and capital raising for nurses and healthcare professionals looking to diversify their income sources. Randy shares his journey from a 25-year career in corporate sales to becoming a full-time entrepreneur in real estate, offering valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges of real estate investment. This episode is essential for any healthcare professional interested in exploring the potential of real estate investments to achieve financial freedom.

“Exploring syndications opened my eyes to the backend of real estate, offering a unique perspective on investments.”

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Ground Breakers Presented by Homebase

4/18/24 – The Art of Crushing It in Real Estate

Domingo sits down with Randy Smith, founder of Impact Equity and host of the “Gentle Art of Crushing It” podcast. Randy shares his career journey from being a sales professional for Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 organizations to becoming a successful real estate investor. Tune in to learn how Randy transitioned from a sales role to offering carefully vetted investment opportunities with Impact Equity, aiming to reduce investors’ dependence on their W-2 income.


Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Financial Freedom Fest - Guest Speaker

2/19/24 – Unlock Financial Freedom at Financial Freedom Fest in Phoenix, Arizona

Joining the roster of distinguished speakers is Jason Mitchell, the founder of Jason Mitchell Group & Sunbelt Multifamily. With accolades including being named the #1 Broker in the United States and featured on the Forbes 40 under 40 list, Jason Mitchell brings unparalleled expertise to Financial Freedom Fest. His insights into real estate, capital raising, and entrepreneurship are sure to inspire attendees.

In addition to the keynote speakers, Financial Freedom Fest features a panel of experts in the field, including:

  • Andrew McNair, CEO & Founder of Swan Capital
  • Randy Smith, Founder of Impact Equity
  • Natalie Teramoto, Founder of Tera Investment Group
  • Kathleen Nguyen, Real Estate Investor & Connector
    Aaron Rocha, Co-Founder of MultiVestors Group
  • These respected panelists will offer valuable perspectives on topics such as passive income, capital raising, multifamily real estate, scaling businesses, fund management, branding, and networking.


Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

The Nine Doors Down Show Podcast

1/29/24 – The Powers of Operating a Fund of Funds – Hosted by Anthony Pimentel and Jon Lopez

We welcome our friend and fellow “Fund of Funds” operator, Randy Smith, from Impact Equity. We discuss his background in corporate America, being laid off from Corporate America, individually investing in 20+ deals as a Limited Partner, and then discovering the Fund of Funds model to help those around him. You don’t want to miss this inspirational and impactful episode!

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

The AZREIA Show Hosted By Marcus Maloney and Michal Del Prete

1/5/24 – A Simple But Effective Way to Invest Passively

In this episode of The AZREIA Show, host Marcus Maloney and co-host Mike Del Prete sit down with special guest Randy Smith, founder of Impact Equity LLC. They discuss Randy’s transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship, as well as the topics of capital raising and syndication. Randy shares his insights on investing in real estate and offers valuable advice for passive investors.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Optimal Wealth, Creating Passive Income Through Real Estate - Hosted by Jarod Alexander

12/5/23 – Transition from investing in single family to 24 different passive investments

This is the Optimal Wealth Podcast, where we discuss creating passive income through real estate. Our mission is to help educate investors on how to grow wealth and invest passively. My name is Jarod Alexander, and I am a passive investor. Currently in six syndications as a limited partner.

We provide education to help give you the confidence to get into the past investing space. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out on your real estate journey, this podcast is designed to help give you the confidence and knowledge you need to make informed and profitable decisions.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Passive Investor's Playbook - Insights from Successful People with Charlie Hardage

1/14/24 – Strong Real Estate Partnerships Make All the Difference

Welcome to Passive Investor’s Playbook, a podcast for those who are looking to make smart, passive investments without sacrificing time and energy. In each episode, we sit down with successful people from medical professionals to professional athletes, IT professionals to lawyers, engineers to military, who have entered the world of real estate investing. Our guests share insights on why they started investing in real estate. We talk about what makes real estate a great investment to build wealth. We also discuss why investing passively is so important for their industry.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Capital Spotlight - Hosted by Rob Beardsley and Craig McGrouther

12/1/23 –

Excited to share Episode 3 of Fund Friday! Craig had the pleasure of chatting with Randy Smith, Founder & CEO of Impact Equity. Together, they dove deep into the exciting world of real estate investing. In this episode, they discuss the benefits of passive investing, the significance of forming strong partnerships, and the essentials for building a successful investment portfolio.

On top of that, they also explore Randy’s inspiring journey from being a sales professional to becoming a visionary CEO. Listen in as we uncover the challenges, victories, and defining moments that shaped his path in the world of real estate. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation! Check out Episode 3 now.

Impact Equity in the media with Ice Cream With Investors

Ice Cream With Investors - Hosted by Matt Fore

10/16/23 – Elevate Equity: A Journey Through Real Estate Investing

Join us as we welcome Randy Smith as our esteemed guest. Randy is the Founder of Impact Equity who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront. Discover how Randy assists investors in achieving robust results with passive real estate investing strategies, collaborating with various real estate investment firms. With a background spanning 25 years in corporate leadership roles, Randy’s transition from out-of-state, single-family rentals to multifamily syndications is an inspiring journey. Explore Randy’s insights gained from investing in 18 syndications with 8 different operators, offering a unique perspective on identifying strong passive opportunities. Tune in to elevate your understanding of real estate investing

Impact Equity in the media with Advanta IRA

Alternative Investing Advantage with Alex Perny from Advanta IRA

09/21/23 – Part 1 – A Guide To Raising Capital with Randy Smith

Get off Wall Street and explore the wide world of alternative investments for your IRA. Take control and give yourself the freedom to choose the assets for your retirement plan, assets like real estate, cryptocurrency, private placements, and much more. Our podcast features Advanta IRA professionals and guest experts who help provide a roadmap to your success with investment trends, strategies, and tips for investing your IRA to build wealth for your future.

Impact Equity in the media with podcast Life by Design

The Mastermind Behind $M Success in Passive Investments

9/13/23 – The Mastermind Behind $M Success in Passive Investments

Are you tired of struggling with your real estate investments? Randy Smith, the mastermind behind Impact Equity, is here to revolutionize your game! Since June 2022, Randy has orchestrated over $5M in investments with THREE top-notch operators, benefiting more than 70 savvy investors.
With his unparalleled experience, Randy’s wisdom from 23 passive investments and connections with NINE elite operators are the keys to your success. Ready to unlock the secrets of passive real estate riches? Tune in to our podcast NOW!

Impact Equity on Recession Resistant Real Estate Radio

Recession Resistant Real Estate Radio with Brandon Cobb

08/18/23 – Crafting a Porfolio That Laughs n the Face of Recessions

Randy Smith has built a bullet proof portfolio. Randy was in the corporate world for over 25 years. It seemed massive corporate layoffs would always find him everywhere he went. He had to start over in the corporate world from the bottom multiple times. Can you imagine how frustrating? During that time, he saved, invested, and learned. What makes Randy unique is his deep knowledge of different real estate asset classes and that he is so well diversified in his real estate holdings. Today listen to 25 years of compressed wisdom as we dive deep into how Randy builds his portfolio.

Impact Equity in the media with The Freedom Point

Investing With The Right People

8/4/23 – The Freedom Point Podcast with Jeremy Dyer

Welcome to the Freedom Point Real Estate podcast! Randy Smith joins Jeremy Dyer in this episode to discuss how to know you’re investing with the right people by actions like checking the assumptions and more!

Impact Equity in the media on Barstool Investor

Truly Passive Income: Investing in Real Estate Syndications with Harman Nagi


We have established a place for both new and seasoned investors to share ideas, make connections, and increase their ability. We believe learning should not be stuffy, unkind or critical. It is about getting together with like-minded individuals, asking questions, and sharing some experiences along the way.

Impact Equity in the media on the Conscious Investor podcast

How RE Partnerships Lead to Passive Riches

7/27/23 – The Conscious Investor Podcast with July Holly

Today, Randy Smith guides us to achieving your passive income goals with his invaluable insights on the fundamentals of being a real estate partner. So, if you are eager to multiply your wealth and elevate your financial well-being, don’t miss out on this episode!
-How does relationship-building work in real estate?
-Asset management strategies for conservative syndicators
-Why it’s crucial to build a strong financial foundation as an investor
-Techniques for running a real estate business as a couple
-The role of passive income in achieving financial stability

Impact Equity on the Confidential Diary of an Apartment Investor

ATE - Expertise Can Translate Into Other Avenues With Randy Smith & Tommy Feraco


Randy Smith & Tommy Feraco discuss different examples of due diligence, how jobs your familiar with can be used in different aspects in real estate, and what questions to ask when approached with a deal.

Impact Equity in the media on the Weekly Real Estate Talk Show

Mastering Passive Real Estate Investing: Insights with Randy Smith

7/20/23 – LinkedIn Live with Mark Updegraff and Matt Drowin

Randy Mark and Matt had a great discussion around he current state of the market, Randy’s path from High Income W-2 to active investing to passive investing and back to active investing.

Impact Equity on the Three Degrees of Freedom podcast

Ep 142 - Finding Passive Income to Fuel Your Three Degrees with Randy Smith

6/13/23 – 3 Degrees of Freedom with Derek Clifford

In this episode of 3 Degrees of Freedom, we’re joined by Randy Smith, Founder of Impact Equity. Randy got his start in real estate investing by doing out-of-state, single-family, long-term rentals.

Randy shares his journey as he navigates the three degrees of freedom. He talks about using his hard-earned skills in sales and rental business to translate into success in the passive investing business, how his mindset has changed over the years, and how his family has been affected by his journey. Through all of this, Randy reflects on his definition of success and how passive income can help you to achieve your own three degrees of freedom.

Impact Equity on the Wealth and Freedom Nexus Podcast

The Wealth & Freedom Nexus Podcast with John Rickgarn

5-27-23 From being laid off to making an impact for investors

After working a decade for a Fortune 100 company and getting laid off, Randy wanted to make sure that he would NEVER be in that situation again where “the man” dictated his life.

Randy Smith on the Capital Raiser Show

CRS265 Randy Smith: Co-GP vs. Fund Manager Partnerships With Sponsors

5/22/23 – The Capital Raiser Show with Ruben Greth
Randy and Ruben went down the Rabbit Hole of Capital Raising Partnerships Structures and Nuances. Ruben really enjoyed getting into the weeds with Randy on this topic. Great Conversation!

Impact Equity in the media with Know Your Why podcast

Know Your Why Podcast with Dr. Jason Balara

5-12-23 – EP: 205 – Decrease your dependence on your W-2 through passive investing with real estate

Hosted by Dr. Jason Balara, this podcast aims at helping professionals finding their own purpose in life and create alternatives streams of income in order to reach their maximum potential.

Impact Equity in the media on Real Estate Investing Rocks

The Power of Residential Experience and Trust in Real Estate Investing

4/17/23 – The Academy Presents with Angel Williams

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing Rocks Podcast, Angel talks with Randy Smith, the founder of Impact Equity, about his transition from being a high-income W2 sales professional to a successful entrepreneur through real estate investing. From residential to multi-family, short-term rentals to car washes, Randy shares his experiences and emphasizes the importance of betting on the jockey, not just the asset class. The key takeaway from their discussion is building relationships with operators and investing in people, not just logos.

Impact Equity in the media on Passive Income Adventures

Passive Income Adventures with Emma Powell

3-10-23 -EP: 01 – W2 or Small Business Hustle and Invest

Get the push you need to success through inspiring stories and tough lessons from entrepreneurs and investors. Go behind the scenes in their business deals and passive income adventures. This is a team sport, and every success or mistake has a group of people behind it with stories to learn from.
Hosted by Emma Powell of Highrise Group, a commercial real estate investing business, we’ll focus on a variety of passive income topics such as finding and underwriting opportunities, finding a niche, managing business partners, and the teams that make deals happen, all from the trenches!

Impact Equity in the media with Self Storage Investing podcast

Reduce Your Reliance on W2 Income By Investing in The Right Passive Deals

3/8/23 – The Self Storage Podcast with Scott Meyers
Do you want to know how to find the best deals in the perfect market? Hop in today’s conversation with Randy Smith as we talk about passive investing in real estate. Listen in to learn excellent strategies to gain financial success in different asset classes and achieve a thriving result in your investments.

Randy Smith on the Real Estate Syndication Show

The Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell

2-14-23- WS1577 Raising $3M in Just Seven Months | Randy Smith

Assuming your possible circumstances make you do actions that fail-proof your future. Our guest today, Randy Smith got laid off. Thankfully, he had prepared himself financially through passive investing. What’s even more amazing is he was able to generate $3M in just seven months!

Impact Equity in the media on Lessons to Blessings

Lessons To Blessings - EP11: How to go from W2 Employee to Passive Investor

In this episode he shares his journey and insight on investing in 18 different deals with 8 different business operators across 4 different asset classes. You will learn how to determine the type of investor you are, things to look for in an asset class, and about finding a good business operator. If you haven’t already, feel free to like, share, and leave comments on your biggest takeaways.

Impact Equity in the media on Street Smart Success podcast

Street Smart Success

1-25-22 – 265: Avoid The Common Pitfalls That Have Been Made Over The Last Couple Years

Today’s investing environment is fraught with many pitfalls. Over the last couple years, many multifamily sponsors in particular took on super high leverage with variable rate loans. These same sponsors are now encountering stiff challenges getting loan extensions because of lower occupancy and rental rates combined with higher borrowing costs. As a result, many of these sponsors will have to reach out to their investor bases for more capital or obtain rescue capital to keep their deals afloat. Randy Smith, Founder of Impact Equity, helps investors avoid these traps and invest with sponsors with great track records and sound business plans that are positioned to prosper in this challenging environment.

Randy Smith discusses passive investing with LFI Spotlight

IS23 – Infielder Spotlight With Randy Smith

This week’s episode features Randy Smith. After recent changes to his W2 structure, Randy finds himself now being a full-time passive investor. He spent some time on the Active Investing side of the ballpark before moving over to the Passive side where he is currently focused. Randy continues to educate himself on the industry and is able to focus on his passion due to the passive income he is currently receiving from his investments.

Impact Equity in the media on The Freedom Investing

The Freedom Investing

12-28-22 – 1JF3037: Qualifying GPs in Today’s Rising Rate Environment ft. Randy Smith

Randy Smith is the founder of Impact Equity, a fund-to-fund manager that helps W-2 employees decrease dependence on W-2 income. In this episode, Randy tells us how being laid off after 25 years in corporate America prompted him to accelerate his real estate career, the telltale signs that indicate how an operator is likely to perform, and how he is qualifying GPs in today’s rising rate environment.

Randy Smith on The First Deal Show

The First Deal Show - Karoline with a K

Randy Smith is a former passive investor gone rogue. Just kidding! He started off in the turn-key real estate game. Randy highlights how he took his time before jumping into investing and how his corporate career played into that. Randy had enough of the get fired, apply for another gig at his company and then get re-hired in the same company under a different job title. He was let go and decided to take on real estate full time as an active investor. Tune in if you’re interested in investing with turn key properties or are a few years into waiting to get started. This story will motivate you to get going~

Randy Smith on The Freedom Investing Podcast

The Freedom Investing

12/19 – Podcast 26: Massive Income To Passive Income W/ Randy Smith

Key Points From the Episode:

  • Randy’s journey
  • Dave Ramsey’s baby steps
  • Passive investing
Randy Smith discusses real estate investing on the DJE podcast

The DJE Multifamily Podcast #193with Randy Smith


Devin Elder is Founder & CEO of DJE Texas Management Group, a vertically integrated multifamily investment firm based in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2012, the firm has completed hundreds of successful investment projects including many full cycle multifamily investments. Devin has been a Principal in over 5,000 doors of multifamily. Devin is a Pilot, Podcast host and owner of a Real Estate consulting firm, a brokerage, and the DJE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting disadvantaged children in Texas and the Philippines.

Impact Equity in the media on The Foundery

The Fund of Funds Model with Randy Smith

11/14/22 – The Foundery – Where Leaders are Forged Daily!

𝐇𝐞 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥:

  • His Real Estate Journey.
  • Story behind The Gentle Art of Crushing It Podcast.
  • The Goal of Impact Equity LLC.
  • The Fund of Funds Model

𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐮𝐫

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan.

𝐑𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲’𝐬 𝐐𝐮𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐄𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐮𝐫

whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.

Randy Smith on From Trial to Triumph podcast

From Being Laid Off To First Deal In Just 2 Months!


Welcome to the From Trial to Triumph Podcast! The show about leaning into life’s constant testing on your way to learning your biggest blessings!

Randy Smith was in corporate America for over 20 years until he was laid off. Luckily, he had built a real estate portfolio that allowed him to walk away from corporate America for good.

Since this departure, he was able to complete his first capital raise in just after 2 months.

If you would like to connect with Randy or learn more about his company, visit his website at

Follow us on social media: @redseacapitalgroup, Visit our website:

Passive investing through syndication with Randy Smith

Randy Smith: Passive Investing through Syndication

0-3-2022 – BizDayGlobal with Ray Hightower of Bridgetown Partners

Randy Smith of Impact Equity, LLC discusses how syndication enabled him to become a passive investor.

About Ray Hightower:

Ray Hightower is a tech company founder and commercial real estate investor based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He serves as CEO of Bridgetown Partners, the creator of BizDayGlobal.

Impact Equity in the media on How Did They Do It Real Estate podcast

Diminishing W2 Income Reliance Through Passive Multifamily Investing with Randy Smith

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • The importance of due diligence when investing in turnkey properties
  • Why it’s important to have an active income supporting your passive investments
  • Upside and downside of investing passively with an operator
  • How real estate investing can change one’s vision and goals
  • The current performance of the real estate market
  • Advice on approaching unforeseen events in the passive investing space
Randy Smith discusses building passive income and wealth

Your First Steps To Hassle-Free Passive Investing With Randy Smith

Learn how Randy Smith performs due diligence on operators and why he chose passively investing in apartment syndications as his preferred method of building financial freedom.

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • Randy’s Real Estate journey that led him to passive investing
  • The multifamily syndication, and Randy’s experience in the niche.
  • Advice to new investors looking to building trust with operators
  • Wiring funds for the first time
  • How Randy vets his potential syndicators
  • Advice to investors when looking for that first deal
Impact Equity in the media

Chance Encounter with Dan Fradenburg from

August 26th, 2022

Dan Fradenburg captures investor conversations in this great platform where he educates investors to satisfy the sophisticated investor criteria for 506B investments. He leverages his Dan Does Deals Commercial Role Die to educate on the basics of syndication:


  1. Repositioner – Acquisitions person that finds the deal and does the underwriting
  2. Operations – Improves the business and executes the business plan
  3. Contractors – Group that fixes up the property
  4. Local – Boots on the ground
  5. Financier – Brings the $$’s to the deal
  6. Sponsors/KP – Individual that brings their balance sheet to the deal to qualify for the loan
Randy Smith discusses key to low stress passive income

The Key to Low-Stress, Passive Income with Randy Smith

When Randy Smith started his investing journey, he thought single-family, turnkey homes would help him reach his goals of passive income. That’s until a year ago when he realized multifamily and limited partnerships were the key to low-stress income. Today, Randy is talking about the main questions he asks during his due diligence process, what surprised him about passive investing, and the biggest reason he decided to make the switch.

Randy Smith Real Estate Background:

Manager of Business Development for a Fortune 100 financial services company

Currently passively investing as an LP in 6 different syndications including multifamily and a mobile home fund (portfolio consists of rentals in Atlanta and Kansas City, including 2 turnkey units and 3 BRRRR units)

Impact Equity in the media on The Gentle Art of Crushing It

How to Create True MailBox Money!!!


  • Randy walks us through some of the highlights and lowlights of his 25 year career in sales and sales leadership
  • Randy discusses the importance of mindset and how to shift from a scarcity mindset over to an abundance mindset
Impact Equity in the media on The Best Ever Report

Best Ever Report - Issue No. 45

Randy was featured in the Best Ever Report which is Ashcroft Capital’s monthly investor newsletter that focuses on educating the passive investor on the many benefits of investing in the passive syndication space. You can read the full article by enlarging the picture to the left.