Top 7 Passive Investing Real Estate Podcasts

by | Jan 17, 2023

Like many other real estate investors, my first introduction to the space came through Podcast University.  I attribute my success in real estate to those early years where the foundation was built using this great tool.  Following you’ll find my top 10 passive investing real estate podcasts below in hopes of helping you find your next favorite show.

General Real Estate Shows

1.     Bigger Pockets – This is the #1 real estate investing podcast in the space, and it provides a great overview of many different real estate investing strategies at a high level.  Bigger Pockets was the first podcast that I started listening to about eight years ago, and it helped ignite my passion for real estate investing

2.     Real Estate Radio Guys – This is a real estate investing talk program for investors and has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997.  The podcast version of the show is one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes.  I found my first partner in real estate through this show, and it opened my eyes to all that was possible in real estate investing

Commercial Real Estate Shows

3.     Lifetime Cashflow Through REI with Rod Khleif – This was one of the first podcasts I listened to about commercial real estate.  Rod is a syndicator, a mentor, and an educator in the space, and he interviews excellent guests that have found success primarily in the apartment syndication world

4.     Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice with Joe Fairless – This is the world’s longest-running, daily real estate podcast, and the hosts bring amazing guests on the show to walk through their journey in the CRE space.  Joe is also the author of the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book which is provides step by step instructions on how to become an apartment syndicator

5.     Old Capitol Podcast with Michael Berger and Paul Peebles – This show has quickly become my favorite show to learn about current trends, economic influences, and expertise in the apartment space.  This podcast brings a level of detail and precision to the education process that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else

Passive Investing Shows

6.     Passive Investing from the Left Field with Jim Pfeifer – Jim is a retired financial advisor that made the shift to passive investing in real estate.  Jim interviews experts in the syndication space and hosts a community of over 1000 passive investors in his community

7.     The Gentle Art of Crushing It – This podcast follows a similar path to Bigger Pockets in that it provides various shows across multiple real estate investing strategies and mindset.  In addition, my Thursday show focuses solely on helping to educate and inspire the new passive investor.  Consider adding this one to your list

There you have it!  Let me know your thoughts about these and if there are any others that you suggest that missed the list.

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