The Financial F.I.R.E. Fighter

by | Apr 26, 2023

"House FIRE" author Alan Corey's actionable steps start to start real estate investing

Alan Corey is a three-time author on real estate and wealth building and creator of the House Money Weekly, a free weekly newsletter with actionable and real estate advice.  Known as @RealEstateMaxi online, Alan is currently “maxing out” in real estate managing a $50 million dollar portfolio of over 340+ doors, leads a top-producing Atlanta real estate brokerage team, and teaches investors worldwide on his two podcasts "Stacking Deeds" and "Real Estate Maximalist."  Subscribe to House Money Weekly at


[00:00] – Intro

[01:39] – Alan’s Background

[03:51] – Favorite Success

[05:23] – House FIRE

[05:56] – Alan’s Books

[05:59] – A million Bucks By 30

[06:08] – Subversive Job Search

[06:47] – House FIRE

[07:58] – FIRE Method

[09:21] – Valuable Lessons Learned

[12:53] – Creative Financing

[15:29] – Overcoming Challenges

[18:24] – Fast Track Success

[24:00] – What is your Ramen?

[25:15] – Mindset

[28:12] – Why House FIRE is Alan’s favorite book as an author

[29:45] – Alan Recommends

[31:26] – Connect with Alan

[31:44] – House Money Newsletter

[32:03] – Real Estate Maximalist Podcast


@RealEstateMaxi on instagram


Doug is a Husband of one, Father of six, Real Estate Investor, who is passionate about growth and living life to the fullest! His main goal is to create the life of his dreams and live it on his own terms. He intends on helping as many people as possible to realize this worthy goal for themselves as well. Reach out to him anytime to connect for any reason and you never know he may just have the answer you are looking for! His passions range from his Family to being a Christian to Studying and Implementing Success Principles, Technology, Skateboarding, Music, and Martial Arts to name just a few.


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