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by | Oct 22, 2022

Accountability is one of the greatest secrets to entrepreneurial success.

In this episode, Derek talks with Tanya Rooney, an active visionary in a few small businesses. She owns and operates 5 Short & Mid Term Rentals in St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN, where she focuses on hosting and the guest experience. She worked at a Global Corporate Real Estate company for 9 years doing owner’s rep project management which helps in every piece of the real estate business today. She still consults in the commercial real estate space.

Being part of a few masterminds since starting in Real Estate 12 years ago, she now brings other real estate and business owners together in a weekend retreat setting to talk shop and life as an entrepreneur.

For her latest project, she is on a mission to get 33,300 people to send 30 thank you cards to hit 1 Million Thank You’s sent by December 31, 2023.

Tanya discusses the importance of accountability, gratitude, and paying it forward as an entrepreneur. She also shares tips and tricks for creating better listings, finding amazing masterminds, and shifting your perspective for entrepreneurial success!


[00:00] – Coming up

[00:13] – Intro

[00:54] – Welcome Tanya Rooney to the show

[01:11] – Tanya discusses her background 

[03:00] – How her journey into real estate started 

[03:37] – Her first house purchase 

06.33 – Short term rentals in the Minneapolis area 

[07:24] – She explains how a mid-term rental is different from short-term rentals

13.48 – Her thoughts on short-term renting at this current time of the year

[18:46] – Tips she would recommend for a better listing 

[25:51] – Networking in a mastermind 

[30:46] – How she keeps herself accountable for things 

[38:10] – Her journey into sending thank you cards 

[43:28] – What projects is she working on right now 

[45:52] – How she keeps track of sent thank you cards 

[46:48] – Final thoughts



Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Thank You Project







Derek is a real estate investor with over 30 years in the hospitality industry. He and his wife own both long term and short term rentals and offer management and consulting services to other short term rental property owners. 

Please reach out to connect with Derek at https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekfelch or email him at derek.felch@gmail.com.

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