EP 207: Mastering Passive Income: From Engineering to Real Estate Success with Sanjoy Dey

by | Jul 11, 2024


Sanjoy Dey, a retired engineer and passive investor, shares his journey into multifamily investing and his plans for the future. He discusses the advantages of multifamily investing compared to single-family investing and the different roles one can play in the industry. Sanjoy emphasizes the importance of investing passively first to gain experience and knowledge before becoming an active investor. He also highlights the significance of due diligence and asks important questions about reserves, break-even occupancy, crime rates, and demographics. Sanjoy shares his optimism about the market and the potential for future investments.


multifamily investing, passive investing, active investing, due diligence, reserves, break-even occupancy, crime rates, demographics, market


  1. Multifamily investing offers scalability and the opportunity to play different roles as a general partner or limited partner.

  2. Investing passively first allows for gaining experience and knowledge before becoming an active investor.

  3. Due diligence is crucial and involves asking important questions about reserves, break-even occupancy, crime rates, and demographics.

  4. The market is currently challenging, but there are opportunities for investors, especially with distressed deals.

  5. A decrease in interest rates can trigger a wave of new investors and buyers in the market.


  1. Key Questions for Due Diligence

  2. The Advantages of Multifamily Investing

Sound Bites

  1. "I'm looking forward to increase my investor base and to help more people, actually."

  2. "Academies are not only to become a general partner. Even if you want to invest wisely as a limited partner, then also you need to go to these academies."

  3. "You have to actually withstand the headwind. You have to tackle it with your all other kind of innovative maneuvers. And you have to see to survive so that the headwind will pass by and then the better time will come again."


[00:00]Introduction and Background

[03:05]The Advantages of Multifamily Investing

[09:00]The Importance of Investing Passively First

[16:31]Key Questions for Due Diligence

[25:04]The Potential Impact of Decreasing Interest Rates

[34:14]Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Connect with our host, Randy Smith, for more educational content or to discuss investment opportunities in the real estate syndication space at http://www.impactequity.nethttps://www.linkedin.com/in/randallsmith or on Instagram at @randysmithinvestor

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