Brittany Barchalk –  Diversifying Through Tribes at $10,000 Minimums with Tribevest

by | Jul 13, 2023


Brent Kesler was a Chiropractor and Chiropractic coach for over 14 years. After implementing The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method, Brent paid off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months. In fact, Brent became so passionate about how powerful this concept was, he began sharing it with others. It was when his previous mentor told him that he had successfully referred over forty-one new clients into the system, that Brent took his advice and started the journey to becoming a teacher of the TMM Method. Brent’s main goal in making this move was simply to help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth. For the last 10 plus years, Brent has been lecturing to thousands of people around the country on the dynamics of the TMM Method and helping individuals break the bonds of financial slavery they don’t even realize they are in. He teaches how to take back control of your financial life. Brent has a passionate belief that whether you make $10/hour or $10,000/hour you should know TMM Method and have this powerful information to keep control of your own money.


[00:00] – Intro

[03:04] – Brent’s Background

[10:00] – What is Infinite Banking

[11:59] – Nelson Nash Books

[13:04] – Mapping Out The Millionaire Mystery Free EBook

[15:13] – Paying Off Debt With Infinite Banking

[23:00] – Overfunding Explained

[40:38] – Guaranteed Column and the In Force Illustration

[43:07] – Cash Value and Death Benefits

[47:17] – Final Thoughts


CONNECT WITH OUR HOST: Derek is a real estate investor with over 30 years in the hospitality industry. He and his wife own both long term and short term rentals and offer management and consulting services to other short term rental property owners. 

Please reach out to connect with Derek at or email him at


Book – Becoming your own banker

Book – Mapping out the millionaire mystery

Brents website –

Book – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book – Second Chance

Book – Money master the Game


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