5 Benefits of Passive Investing

by | Jun 28, 2022

  1. Cash flow – Investors benefit from monthly or quarterly distributions to create cash flow to support your individual needs unlike traditional investments that hold on to your capital without any current benefit. Would you prefer to have monthly income flowing into your bank or an asset sitting on Wall Street’s balance sheet

  2. Leverage – Since these assets are generally mortgaged at 75% or more, investors benefit from holding assets with far less capital required than many other asset classes. The more leverage you have, the faster your capital can grow

  3. Appreciation – The value of these assets are based on the amount of Net Operating Income (NOI) that is generated from each property. High quality operators can help drive increases in NOI by improving operations or by improving the property which results in higher rental rates. Appreciate is the best way to grow your wealth over time

  4. Operator Expertise – Most passive investors don’t have the time to invest in a real estate business. Our investments focus on partnering with operators that do this full time and are best in class business operators. You get the benefit of many years of experience without having to put in the time, energy and education is required to complete these business plan successfully

  5. Tax benefits –Since our investors are partial owners of these assets, the tax benefits of ownership flow directly to the investor level which is very different than most traditional Wall Street investments. Just one example of this is a process called cost segregation which can be combined with accelerated depreciation creating the ultimate tax savings for investors. These tax benefits alone drive more value to the investors than any other lever listed aboveDon’t worry about sounding professional. Sound like you. There are over 1.5 billion websites out there, but your story is what’s going to separate this one from the rest. If you read the words back and don’t hear your own voice in your head, that’s a good sign you still have more work to do.

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