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by | Dec 29, 2022

As we head into the new year, it is essential to reflect on what we did this past year and start thinking about setting goals for success in 2023.  

In this episode, five of our hosts, Sean Graham, Randy Smith, Derek Felch, Doug Clark, and Nathan Murith, deep dive into setting goals for success in the new year. They discuss why we may fall short of a goal, and the tools we need to successfully set, follow through, and track our process when setting goals.  

Each of our hosts discusses their goal-setting process, and how being held accountable by significant others, friends, or hired help is vital to finding success in setting goals in 2023!  


[00:00] – Coming up 

[00:07] – Intro 

[01:00] – Welcome everyone to the show  

[01:30] – Why do people fail at goals?  

[01:33] – Randy talks about what he thinks makes goals fail 

[02:00] – Nathan adds to Randy’s answer 

[03:11] – Sean also replies to the question  

[03:47] – Doug replies as well  

[05:00] – Derek asks everyone what works best for setting up goals  

[05:02] – Randy tells everyone his bucket process 

[08:30] – Nathan replies as well  

[11:30] – Derek asks how to involve your spouse in the process 

[11:40] – Nathan tells how he involves his spouse  

[14:04] – Doug replies as well  

[14:45] – Randy gives his version of involvement  

[16:51] – Derek asks Sean’s comment on it 

[19:20] – How to track your goals  

[19:36] – Doug responds with his process   

[20:18] – Sean tells how he tracks his goals  

[21:30] – Randy talks about how he tracks goals  

[29:53] – Doug tells how he keeps track  

[33:50] – Derek asks everyone how they stay accountable 

[34:30] – Nathan responds  

[38:20] – Randy replies as well  

[40:27] – Nathan tells about the app he uses to stay accountable  

[41:47] – Sean tells what he does to stay committed  

[47:35] – Derek asks what everyone’s goals are going into 2023 

[47:47] – Doug’s goal is to make this podcast super successful  

[49:32] – Randy wants to help 100 people move from their W2 job

[49:50] – Final thoughts 


Miracle Morning – https://miraclemorning.com/

Jason Drees Coaching – https://www.jasondreescoaching.com/

Strides App –  https://www.stridesapp.com/

Eat the Frog Book – https://www.amazon.com/Eat-That-Frog-Great-Procrastinating/dp/162656941X

Day One App – https://dayoneapp.com/

The Gap and The Gain Book – https://www.amazon.com/Gap-Gain-Achievers-Happiness-Confidence/dp/1401964362


Derek Felch- 

Connect with Derek Felch to discuss Short Term Rental operations and revenue management. https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekfelch/

Sean Graham-

Connect with Sean Graham to discuss self-storage syndication investment opportunities at Maven Equities or to sell your self-storage facility without a broker.




Doug Clark-

Connect with Doug Clark – Success Mindset.


Randy Smith-

Connect with Randy Smith for more educational content or to discuss passive investment opportunities in the real estate syndication space at http://www.impactequity.net, https://www.linkedin.com/in/randallsmith or on Instagram at @salesguyinvestor

Nathan Murith-

Success in technology and out-of-state single-family investing.


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